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Hydrocyclone is the most attractive device for removing solid particles from liquid . It utilizes the centrifugal force to effect the separation. Thus, Hydrocyclone is a Static Separator based on centrifugal separation in which a vortex generated with a cono-cylindrical configuration. The feed flow, which is a slurry of small particles, into liquid enters tangentially into the cyclone and is divided into underflow, which carries most of the solids, and overflow, which contacts most of the Liquid. The separation of solid from liquid depends on the particle size and particle density. Centrifugal force throws the particles out against the wall and they subsequently drop into the outlet hopper. Cyclone consists of vertical cylinder with conical bottom. The inlet point is near the top of the cylindrical portion. The particles separated are collected at the bottom.

Dimensions of Individual Cyclones range from 10 mm to 2500 mm. Capacities (flow Rates) of Hydrocyclone (single unit) may vary between 0.1 to 10000 m3/hr. The particles that are separated could range from 10 to 500 micron. Operating pressure will vary between 0.2 to 10 Bar; higher pressure is usually for smaller particle separation. The underflow solid concentration will be between 40 to 60% by volume. It cannot be higher, otherwise the flow at the bottom shall be restricted.


Hydrocyclone is cost effective because of simplicity in fabrication, requires minimum or no maintenance as there are no moving parts. The success of Hydrocyclone is in its design. MAMKO with their thorough knowledge of physical technology have a unique method of designing the cyclone dimensions. The design procedure takes into account particle density, size, shape and also Rheology of the slurry.

Hydrocyclone is equally useful to separate heavy liquid from an emulsion (not the highly stable type). Hydrocyclone have tremendous utility in the process industry. They can form an important part of a loop in:

  • Multiphase Reactor System
  • Fluidized Solid/Liquid Contactor/Reactor System
  • Liquid/Liquid Extraction System

On their own they are excellent tools to reduce load on expensive filters and de-emulsification devices. This solid


liquid separator reduce filter maintenance and also increase filter changeover time.

These are certain useful arrangements or variants in providing protection and increasing efficiency of Spray Nozzles, Heat Exchanger and Pump Seals. Thus their applications are plenty in all type of process industry as well as in effluent treatment.


Material range from all types of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals, Alloy Steel, Urethane coated or Urethane and Ceramic material.

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